Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Pro-lifers are arriving from near and far for the Walk for Life West Coast! Here’s a group of about 60-70 from Arizona. They come from St. Mary’s High School in Phoenix, St. Timothy’s Church in Mesa, and St. Joan of Arc Church in  North West Phoenix, and are being hosted at Star of the Sea Church in San Francisco.

They stopped by Saints Peter and Paul Church in San Francisco’s North Beach for lunch at the parish center–check out the empty pizza boxes on the left:

We spoke with a few of the students. A young lady named Crystal was here for the first time. She told us why she came: “Because I wanted to take a prominent stand against abortion!”

Sophia from St. Mary’s said “Because abortion is evil. So many children are dying, and I want to come and do this small thing if it will help.”

Therese, from St. Mary’s, was at the Walk for the first time. She told us “I want to get the pro-life message out with love. So many groups on the opposite side are not very open to those with differing points of view. We are loving and open, but we are still certain that this is a moral issue that abortion is wrong.”

The young people spent some time in prayers at Saints Peter and Paul:

Then they left to continue their pilgrimage to various churches around San Francisco. Tonight, they will be at the 6PM vigil at St. Dominic’s. God Bless them!

You know Don Bosco is happy with all these young visitors to a Salesian parish!