Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

As we gear up for the January 23 Walk for Life West Coast our speakers and organizers are doing a lot of radio interviews! Here’s the next couple of days worth:

On Thursday, January 7, at 7:15 AM, Walk representative Glenda Aragon will be interviewed by Lorena Albarrán on the “Café, Pan, y Fe” show on Radio Santísimo Sacramento.

Also on January 7 at 12:20 PM PST, Walk speaker Alveda King will be on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show on the Catholic Channel.

Also on January 7, at 6:00 PM PST, Walk co-chair Eva Muntean will be on Lifeline with Craig Roberts.

On Friday, January 8, at 11:00 AM PST, Walk speaker Obianuju Ekeocha, from Culture of Life Africa, will be interviewed on the Wendy Wiese show “On Call with Wendy Weise” on Relevant Radio.

Listen at the links!