Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Our good friends from West Portal Lutheran Church are always at the Walk! Here is a picture of their group last year:

This year, the day starts for them at 10:30 AM at West Portal Lutheran Church & School Parish Hall at 200 Sloat Boulevard in San Francisco with a Pre-Walk gathering and talk. The topic will be “Confessing Life in the Midst of Loss,” given by The Reverend Ray (& Aubrey) Hulett.

Reverend Ray Hulett was born in Long Beach, CA. He spent 13 years in the Philippines, where his parents were missionaries. He’s a graduate of USC, worked in telecommunications, graduated from Concordia Theological Seminary-Fort Wayne. Ray met Aubrey (born & raised in Orange County) & were married in July of 2012. Their children are Arthur, Ruth, Albert, & Regina. Ray & Aubrey also have 6 children who preceded Arthur, but were taken to Jesus from the womb where they wait with them for the Resurrection. Their family serves at Hope Lutheran Church, Fremont, where they are very excited serve people with the good news of our Savior!

It sounds great, and we look forward to seeing our good brothers and sisters at the Walk!