Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Great! That’s the website for the Eastern Orthodox Churches!

It is a reprint of the LifeSiteNews story we posted yesterday, but we are delighted that news of the Walk is on one of the biggest websites of our Orthodox Brothers and Sisters!



Tens of thousands walk for life in San Francisco


Women “should never have to buy success with the blood of our babies,” a pro-life Nigerian activist told thousands of attendees at the 12th annual Walk for Life in San Francisco.


Speaking three thousand miles from where hundreds of pro-life activists were stranded in hotels and on roadsides, Obianuju Ekeocha said, “They tell us the lie that women– in order to have opportunities and in order for us be successful– we must have abortion rights.” However, Ekeocha, who founded and runs Culture of Life Africa, stated that “I stand here before you not just as a black person or an African person. I stand here before you as a woman to say we should never have to buy success with the blood of our babies.”