Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

California Catholic Daily has the story:

Marin Catholic respect life club models pro-life values
Participates in Walk for Life, organizes other activities throughout the year

Susan Flores-Chavez was born into a Catholic family and she is part of the Marin Catholic respect life club because she believes the Catholic Church’s teaching on life. But she comes to the tightly knit group of about 15 regular members from personal experience too. “I’ve had older cousins who have gotten pregnant and they chose life – the joy they bring to my life!” the high school junior said.

The Marin Catholic respect life club organizes activities throughout the year, but by far the largest event is the Walk for Life West Coast, held this year on Jan. 21. “We advertise it to the whole school, and usually we have 50 people. We all walk together as a big group,” said Domenica Barbagelata-Miller, junior, president of the club.

“What’s awesome about our club is we are really inclusive. All events are open to everyone. It kind of speaks to the character of the club that we keep inviting and inviting,” said Nicole Ferris, moderator….

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