Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Pro-life hero (and past Walk speaker) David Daleiden was with us yesterday. Check out his lovely words about the spirit of the Walk and direction of the pro-life movement in the National Catholic Register.

Crowd of Thousands Offers Joyful Witness at San Francisco’s Walk for Life West Coast

On Saturday, tens of thousands of pro-lifers descended on San Francisco for the 14th Annual Walk for Life West Coast. The walkers ranged from well-known advocates of the pro-life cause to Catholic college students and seminarians.

Now in his 10th year of attending the West Coast Walk for Life, David Daleiden told the Register he loves how the walk “brings the pro-life movement into the heart of the abortion industry.” Daleiden contrasted the continuous growth of the Walk for Life with the decreasing presence of pro-abortion protesters. While 10 years ago, the walk was “like running the gauntlet,” he said, now they can’t turn out significant numbers of people to support taxpayer-funded abortion.

“These marches feel like victory marches now, for the first time, because we’re winning,” he said.

Daleiden said the Walk for Life had a “very humble, spiritual core.”

“We don’t have political power in San Francisco,” he said. “All we have is the power of the spirit that comes through in an achingly beautiful way. That’s what I Iove about the Walk for Life.”

Credit: Jose Aguirre/ Walk for Life West Coast