Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Our dear friend Walter Hoye, past Walk for Life West Coast speaker, past St. Gianna Molla Award winner, and a hero to pro-lifers all over the world, now has his own TV Show.

Walter, and the woman without whom he would not be the man he is, his wife Lori, will be on God’s Learning Channel. The “Issues4Life” show will be broadcast, Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Watch here! Walter writes:

This Show Is The Very First Of It’s Kind

This is the first television show to address the impact of abortion in Black America. Yeah, Lori and I are so excited we’re now on television!! God’s Learning Channel (GLC)’s website features live video-streaming of their twenty-four (24) hour programming, as well as their video archives that can be viewed at your leisure. GLC also provides 24-hour streaming media of its broadcast (accessible through the GLC website), as well as many readily available internet platforms, such as Roku. Within the “local broadcast area”, which comprises West Texas, much of New Mexico, and parts of Arizona, Colorado, and Oklahoma, GLC can be viewed on most cable systems, DishNet, and DirecTV. Reception via antenna is available within close proximity to any of the five full-power transmitters. GLC’s focal point has been to teach Christians their biblical and spiritual connections to the Land of Israel and the Jewish people, presenting Jesus (Yeshua) in the biblical context of a very Jewish Messiah.

It looks like the next show is tomorrow morning, 7:00-7:30AM PST, and played again at 9:30-10:00PM PST. Watch on GLC here.

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