Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

1545581_574613805962274_1013801427_nOn Sunday our dear French brothers and sisters show their support for life and the family at the Marche pour le Respect de la Vie! The Marche is our sister event and our sisterhood shows how defense of life and the family transcends all borders.  In keeping with this, organizers of this year’s Marche have asked participants to wear red and yellow, the colors of Spain, to show support for that nation’s proposed new law defending the defenseless! The New York Times is upset:

“The bill would allow abortion only in the case of rape or grave danger to the health of the mother as determined by two independent medical professionals. Minors who seek abortions would need parental approval. Fetal abnormalities would no longer qualify as a reason to terminate a pregnancy.”

We say Viva España!

And our good Pope Francis has sent the Marche a letter of encouragement which you can read on their website.

Check out the Marche’s 2014 video: