Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

We received a nice communication from an out-of-town Walk for Life West Coast participant:

“I’ve seen some people express concern for their safety at the Walk for Life this year because of the Trump election.  I’m not a San Francisco fan (large cities and I don’t get along), but I am a fan of the SFPD, and they have done a spectacular job in every free speech event I’ve ever seen.  San Francisco is a city that refuses to let their tourism ever decline.”

She’s right! Check the good SFPD out:

“When you look at the Walk for Life every year, you see police everywhere making sure our free speech and safety are not violated.  For all the police you see, there are even more you do not see.  As I’ve said, the SFPD are tops!…”

Amen! We love the SFPD and they love us!


“I’ve attended pro-life events practically all of my life.  I know when to be wary and when it’s just hype to keep people home.  Yes, I have skipped events in the past, but I would never skip the West Coast Walk for Life unless the police themselves were expressing some concerns.  I would never put my family in something I considered a dangerous situation.  My family and I would no more skip the Walk for Life this year than we would skip going to the movies.  So, rain or shine, my family will be at the West Coast Walk for Life to stand up for the unborn and their moms.  It’s the least we can do to help the most vulnerable.”

Thank you, Ma’am! and God bless the SFPD! Every year, after the Walk, we have a letter you can download (or write your own) to thank the SFPD for all they do to keep us safe. Please thank them, and we will see all of you tomorrow at the Walk for Life West Coast!