Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

TAPhotographic 360 degree Panorama of the Walk Rally!

Great panoramic view of the Walk for Life West Coast Rally from our friends at TAPhotographic. Check it out here. Here’s a screenshot from the panorama as the camera rotated, capturing the full rally. Wow! And how many more of you were over on Market Street, on Grove and McAllister Streets and waiting for us […]

Two More of YOUR Great Stories from the Walk!

We love hearing these stories–if you have something you’d like to share from your experience at the Walk for Life West Coast send it to Here’s the first one: You have to know what happened at the Walk for Life West Coast today. And I have to tell you. Because I was the only […]

Walk Chaplain Fr. Fessio Stands for Life with Filipino Bishops

On January 29, 2015 noted Vatican watcher Sandro Magister published a column detailing the response of Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ, founder of Ignatius Press, co-founder of USF’s legendary Ignatius Institute, and chaplain of the Walk for Life West Coast, to a recent statement by French Jesuit Pierre de Charentenay. In the pages of the Jesuit […]

YOUR Stories: “I was your opposition…”

This beautiful story, from a Walk volunteer, is why we Walk without confrontation, with love, with open hands of invitation and hope to those who oppose us.   I was so very distracted on Saturday as I was running around, that I almost missed a very special moment of grace!  At one point even, when […]