Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

YOUR Stories: Our Lady of Peace at Walk for Life West Coast

Our Lady of Peace parish in Santa Clara was at the Walk and they’ve got a great post describing their experience and nice photos, too! Hey! Send us YOUR photos and stories! Email to   “Yes, that’s right, I was marching in San Francisco on January 21, 2017 in the 13th Annual Walk for Life! […]

為生命奔走舊金山集會 婦權領袖批中共強制墮胎

Epoch Times covers the Walk for Life West Coast! Many thanks to our friend Frank Lee of Asian Americans Pro-Life for his outreach to the Chinese Community! 為生命奔走舊金山集會 婦權領袖批中共強制墮胎 1月21日在舊金山市府廣場舉行的5萬人「為生命奔走」活動集會現場。(周鳳臨/大紀元) 【字號】 大  中  小 更新: 2017-01-23 3:48 PM    標籤: 婦女權益, 反對墮胎, 計劃生育, 中國計劃生育, 為生命奔走, 強制墮胎 【大紀元2017年01月23日訊】(大紀元記者周鳳臨舊金山報導)1月21日在舊金山市府廣場舉行的5萬人「為生命奔走」(Walk for Life)活動集會上,應邀參加演講的著名婦女權益運動領袖、婦女權益無疆界組織(Women’s Rights Without Frontiers)主席雷吉‧利特爾約翰(Reggie Littlejohn)批評中共無人性的強制墮胎的生育政策。 「在中國大陸,每分鐘有47個胎兒因強制墮胎而亡。」利特爾約翰在發言中說:「中共強制墮胎政策,並未因所謂的二胎政策有絲毫改變。」 利特爾約翰還在當天的演講中透露,剛剛上任的總統川普(Donald […]