Powerful words of wisdom and healing from Walk for Life Speaker Melissa Ohden

From Fox News: “An abortion is forced upon a college student against her will. Miraculously or unfortunately, depending upon what side of the abortion debate you are on, the abortion fails to scald the baby to death over the course of multiple days and she’s delivered alive. After the baby is delivered, demands are made […]

Who do we thank? The SFPD! When do we thank them? NOW!

God bless our good SFPD! They always keep us safe, and they had a big challenge this year, what with Walk for Life West Coast and Women’s March back to back. But as always, they came through, kept order, and allowed the legitimate expression of free speech. We LOVE them. HERE’s a suggested letter of thanks […]

National Catholic Register covers Walk for Life West Coast

Excellent long article by Joan Desmond in the National Catholic Register. Here’s the opening paragraphs, but check out the whole thing. Witnesses to Human Dignity Throng San Francisco’s Walk for Life West Coast The 12th annual event drew tens of thousands of pro-lifers to the City by the Bay. By Joan Frawley Desmond Tens of […]

Orthodox Christians at the Walk for Life West Coast!

A very nice turnout from the Orthodox Christians for Life. They received a blessing from Metropolitan Joseph, who shepherdss more than 240 churches across the U.S. and Canada. Here’s some photos from our friend Ruby, with Orthodox Christians for Life. Before the Rally, the Orthodox Christians had a prayer service for the victims of abortion […]