Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

LIFE Runners Across America!

Our Friends at the LIFE Runners weren’t only at the Walk for Life West Coast (although they were; check out the photos here)! They were also all over the U.S. Check it out! #babiessavingbabies #walkforlifewc #WalkForLife #WFLWC

From One Generation….

….to another! Faces in the crowd at the Walk for Life West Coast!! #walkforlifewc #WalkForLife #WFLWC

5,436 Miles to get to the Walk? “It’s Totally Worth it!”

People come from all over to the Walk for Life West Coast: Europe, Africa, Oklahoma, San Francisco! But probably no one regularly comes from further away than LIFE Runner Karen Patnaude! Karen comes 5,436 miles–all the way from Fiji! This will be Karen’s fourth straight Walk for Life West Coast. But, as Karen says of […]

Look who’s Coming to #walkforlifewc: Life Runner from FIJI!

Our friend Dexter Duggan at the Wanderer profiled this lady last year as the person who probably travels the farthest to the Walk for Life West Coast: 5000 miles! She’s Karen Patnaude, a Life Runner from Fiji, and a San Francisco lady just informed us that, once again, Karen, and the Life Runners, will be […]

This Life Runner came 5000 miles to Walk for Life!

What a great Walk for Life West Coast story! We just learned about this lady from reading Dexter Duggan’s article (see previous post) in The Wanderer: Run For Life The person who may have traveled the farthest for the Walk for Life was Karen Patnaude, from the Republic of Fiji, in the South Pacific Ocean, an American […]