Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Way to Go, Pennsylvania!

On September 27, our brothers and sisters stood for the littlest among us in Harrisburg, PA at the First Annual Pennsylvania March for Life! From Aleteia: The day began with the Celebration of Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral by Bishop Ronald Gainer. It was followed by a rally on the steps of the state capitol […]

Our Big Sisters Go to Work! D.C. March for Life Today!

EWTN has live coverage of the National March for Life in Washington D.C., big sister to the Walk for Life West Coast! We love our big sister and always try to our best to live up to her shining example! #wflwc #walkforlifewc #chooselife #babiessavingbabies #prolife #prolifegen #cultureoflife #lovethemboth #16yearsofhopeandhealing