Orthodox Christians at the Walk!

They bring Orthodox spirituality and presence to the Walk for Life West Coast every year now, and we love it! They gather for the Moleben, a special prayer service, before the Walk each year. And speaking of an Orthodox presence, there was an enormous presence at the March for Life in DC–lots of Bishops and […]

Orthodox Christians at the Walk!

Our brothers and sisters from the Orthodox Church will be joining us again this year at the Walk for Life West Coast. As always, they will have a beautiful prayer service before the Walk, starting at 11:30AM, but they will be involved in all other aspects of the Walk as well. Learn more here.

Orthodox/Catholic Vespers TONIGHT!

Tonight at 7:00PM, in preparation for the Walk for Life West Coast, Orthodox Christians, Catholics, & others join together in prayer for the littlest among us and respect for the sanctityof human life!  YOU are invited to participate in Vespers for Life! Go here for the livestream! Everyone is welcome!

Orthodox Christians at the Walk!

In what has become a wonderful walk for Life West Coast tradition, our Orthodox brothers and sisters gather every Walk for Life Saturday around 10:30 to pray for an end to abortion Orthodox Christans for Life Secretary Veronica Ruby (who sent these photos) says “as the service concludes, they kneel and solemnly pray, ‘O Lord […]

YOUR Pictures! Orthodox Christians for Life!

Did you take some pictures you’d like to share? Let us know! These are from a young man–maybe a future member of the Walk for Life West Coast Media Team!–named Aidan Garza. Aidan was with the Orthodox Christians for Life. Check out his work:       #babiessavingbabies #walkforlifewc #WalkForLife #WFLWC