Days until we Walk for Life on January 20, 2024

Don’t Forget! Thank the SFPD!

Our wonderful officers of the San Francisco Police Department had a bigger than usual challenge this year, what with the larger number of opposition. But as always, they handled it superbly! Here is a sample letter you can send to Chief Bill Scott showing your appreciation. God bless the SFPD!

Remember! Thank the SFPD!

You can download a sample letter of thanks to Chief Scott, commending his officers, here–better yet, write your own!

Thank you, SF Police Department

We love and value tremendously the good men and women of the SFPD. And as this picture shows, they know it and appreciate it. What would we do without them?

SFMTA Traffic Advisory for the Walk

As always, because of how big we’ve grown, the good people at the San Francisco MTA send out a Traffic Advisory with info about street closures, bus rerouting, etc., for the Saturday of the Walk for Life West Coast. Here’s the one for this year. We hope to see you all Saturday!

Remember: Thank the SFPD!

Once again our great San Francisco Police Department kept the Walk for Life West Coast safe and sound! Walkers, thank them! They take so much abuse for simply trying to maintain order and safety in our city, so please let them know how much YOU appreciate them. Here’s a letter you can send, with Chief […]