Days until we Walk for Life on January 20, 2024

Walkers: Thank the good SFPD Here!

We LOVE our San Francisco Police Department! And, Walkers, we know they greatly appreciate your courtesy and willingness to always follow their instructions. It makes their dangerous and stressful jobs that much easier. Here is a sample letter you can send to Chief Scott commending the work of his officers, or you can email the […]

Walkers! Don’t forget the San Francisco Police Department!

Why is the Walk for Life West Coast so peaceful every year? Well, firstly, because WE are peaceful, but also because the good and men and women of the SFPD make sure that those who oppose us are too. Now is the time to thank those officers who, as Archbishop Cordileone said at the rally, […]

Who do we Thank? The SFPD! When do we Thank them? NOW!

Once again our great San Francisco Police Department kept everyone, not just safe, but with such a true sense of security that the love and joy of those at the Walk for Life West Coast was able to flower, bloom, and touch those around us.  That’s the real vocation of police officers, when you think […]

Who do we thank? The SFPD! When do we thank them? NOW!

God bless our good SFPD! They always keep us safe, and they had a big challenge this year, what with Walk for Life West Coast and Women’s March back to back. But as always, they came through, kept order, and allowed the legitimate expression of free speech. We LOVE them. HERE’s a suggested letter of thanks […]