Days until we Walk for Life on January 20, 2024

The Babies Return!

Who could forget the greatest moment of last year’s Walk for Life West Coast, or any Walk for Life West Coast for that matter: the ascension to the stage of seven pregnant mom’s who then help microphones to their bellies so that the whole world could hear the heartbeats of their unborn babies? Well, four […]

Last year you HEARD them…this year come SEE them!

Last year you HEARD them from their Mamas’ Wombs… This year come SEE them in their Mamas’ Arms! Last year, pro-lifers all over the country were thrilled at the sight of seven beautiful pregnant mothers and the sounds of the heartbeats of their seven beautiful unborn babies on stage at San Francisco’s Walk for Life […]

Florine, We’re Still Counting on You!

A great lady and supporter of the Walk for Life West Coast has gone home to the Lord. On December 24, our dear Florine Konkle passed away. She had been sick for a while. Florine was an informal volunteer and supporter of the Walk for Life West Coast (and any other pro-life, pro-family, pro-Church ) […]

Celebration of Chastidy Ronan’s Life

The Walk for Life West Coast lost a longtime ally and friend with the passing of Chastidy Ronan, who did so much for so many mothers and families at San Francisco’s Alpha Pregnancy Center. We were honored to be able to present Chastidy with the St. Gianna Molla award for Pro-Life Heroism award at last […]

Walk for Life Chaplain & Ignatius Press Honored at Seminary Gala!

On Saturday, September 14, St. Patrick’s Seminary, the seminary of the Archdiocese of San Francisco and many other West Coast/Pacific Island dioceses, will hold its Annual Gala. And each year the seminary honors a particular person or organization who has been especially helpful to the work of the Church. This year’s honoree will be none […]