Days until we Walk for Life on January 25, 2025

Walk Covered in POLAND!

Robisz wyjątek w prawie do życia? Jestem poczęty z gwałtu! Spójrz mi w oczy i powiedz czy należało mnie zabić? Opublikowano: 02 luty 2020  Nathan wystąpił 25 stycznia 2020 r. w San Francisco podczas Westcoast Walk For Life (Marszu dla Życia Zachodniego Wybrzeża USA). Jego świadectwo było bardzo mocne, gdyż jest poczęty z gwałtu, Powiedział: Nie […]

Walk Covered in Germany!

Leben ist wertvoll, keine Ausnahmen – auch nicht bei Vergewaltigung Katholische Nachrichten shares the story of Kathy and Nathan with our German friends: Ein junger Mann, der selbst bei einer Vergewaltigung gezeugt worden ist, lehnt eine Ausnahme vom Abtreibungsverbot ab. Das betreffe ihn und andere wie ihn, sagte er bei einer Lebensschutzkundgebung in San Francisco. […]

‘The Minute I Heard My Daughter’s Heartbeat’

Walk Mom Tjana speaks with Epoch Times! And look at Aurelius! Excerpt: Tjana Barrios-Chandler, another mother at the Walk for Life, considered the option of abortion 10 years ago. “I had an unplanned pregnancy in the past, and [abortion] was something that was presented to me at the time as an option,” she said. “Upholding the dignity […]

Zenit Story/Interview in English!

That’s the young people from JSerra High in San Juan Capistrano. Great signs! The Zenit story gives a good history of the Walk. Excerpt below, read the whole thing. Marching for Life — Zenit Interview With Eva Muntean Co-Founder, and Co-President of ‘The Walk for Life West Coast’ JANUARY 30, 2020 10:55RICHARD MAHERFAMILY & LIFE […]

Kathy, Nathan Story Continues to Grow!

LifeSite News and California Catholic Daily are among those captivated by the amazing story of Kathleen Folan and her son, Nathan. LifeSite’s coverage is here, and California Catholic Daily’s is here, and includes video of Fr. Joseph Illo’s homily on the Sunday after the Walk. And of course if you have not seen our video […]