“El aborto no tiene lugar en una sociedad civilizada”

This story and interview with Eva is in Zenit.org–a worldwide website. En Español, but maybe there will be an English version. Excerpt: Entrevista a cofundadora de la “Caminata Anual por la Vida de la Costa Oeste” ENERO 29, 2020 18:57RICHARD MAHERENTREVISTAS, FAMILIA Y VIDA (zenit – 29 enero 2020).- En Estados Unidos, el mes de enero marca […]

Great Walk Article in LifeSiteNews!

Doug Mainwaring nails it! Amazing pro-life stories abound at San Francisco Walk for Life 2020 Rally organizers had multiple surprises and a number of inspiring stories prepared for the thousands who descended on San Francisco for the 16th annual Walk for Life. SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 28, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Energized by President Donald J. Trump’s […]

“You Will Rock the World…We Are Counting on You!”

Great words from Archbishop Sample! The Catholic Sentinel is the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Portland–and of course their great Archbishop Alexander Sample was here celebrating the Walk for Life West Coast Mass and gave the invocation. Excerpt from the story: “It is our witness of the gospel of life that will change the […]

Archbishop Sample Leads the People!

We were delighted and honored this year to be led by Archbishop Alexander Sample of the Archdiocese of Portland, OR. His Excellency was the principal celebrant at the Walk for Life West Coast Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral. Here he is giving the invocation and inviting us to ask for God’s help before the Walk. […]

EWTN’s Full Coverage is Up!

Great interviews, footage, analysis. That was fast! The good folks over at EWTN joined us at the Walk for Life West Coast, as they do every year. God bless them! wflwc #walkforlifewc #chooselife #babiessavingbabies #prolife #prolifegen #cultureoflife #lovethemboth #16yearsofhopeandhealing