Days until we Walk for Life on January 20, 2024

St. Gianna Molla Award goes to…Chastidy Ronan!

The Walk for Life West Coast is both thrilled and honored to announce the winner of the 15th Annual St, Gianna Molla award for Pro-LIfe Heroism. This year’s winner is one of the most respected and admired people in the pro-life movement, Mrs. Chastidy Ronan. Chastidy, the past long-time Executive Director of San Francisco’s Alpha […]

St. Gianna Molla Award to Joe Scheidler at #walkforlifewc

We will have the stirring words from all our wonderful speakers up soon, but we must begin by thanking Mr. Joseph Scheidler, the grandfather of America’s pro-life movement, for joining us. We were honored to be able to award Grandpa Joe the St. Gianna Molla Award for pro-life heroism. Here’s Walk for Life West Coast […]

Look Who’s Coming to the Walk! Diocese of Fargo!

Colleen Samson, a dedicated pro-lifer, 40 Days for Lifer, and a Board member of the St. Gianna Maternity home from the. Diocese of Fargo, ND, and a friend, will be joining us at the Walk! The diocese of Fargo is shepherded by good Bishop John T. Folda. Colleen told us:  This is my first time […]